We are standing behind the project ROAR! With the technology background we have it is possible to see the interaction within boardgames in wide perspective by using AR, sensors or BLE devices.

On the other side we understand the mechanics behind board games and we know how to keep their atmosphere and not to break the player experience with technology overload. On top of that we are experienced with the process of testing and evaluating hybrid games, which is pretty unique experience nowadays.

So... we decided that we should do more of such stuff!

Marcin Maciejewski is the head behind the whole project, the giver of the ideas, the head honcho! A programmer with skill, sailor at heart and a proud parent, Marcin strives to create games, that he can proudly introduce his sons to.

Hubert Spala is the big geek and the main source of boardgaming knowledge. With vast collection of games and a few titles already published before (Kung Fu, Roar! Catch the monster) and a knack with computer graphic, he is in charge of the look and feel of the games as much as ensuring it is a thrilling, fun experience to play it!

Juan Gómez Muñoz is the magician of the keyboard and the code surfer who stands behind the apps. Main contributor to the game mechanics, the true standard bearer of modern gaming, Juan dedicate his time to polish the experience for our players and ensure, that everything not only works smoothly, but is fun to use and truly enjoyable.

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