More science on Kickstarter!

After the cancellation of our first campaign, we have taken to following all the awesome kickstarter projects to do with science. There truly are mnay. Games, modeling kits, labs, it's all there.

We would like to share our two favourites with you!

Derek of the Veritasium Youtube channel has just launched an educational product on Kickstarter!
Snatoms: the Magnetic Molecular Modeling Kit is like a ball and stick chemistry kit except the atoms are magnetic so they just snap together.
 Snatoms are an improvement over ball and stick kits for three reasons:
1. They make forming and breaking apart molecules quicker and easier
2. They make more accurate representations of molecules, no need for sticks
 3. Snatoms allow you to feel the attraction between atoms.
 Derek came up with the idea for Snatoms years ago when he was teaching science. "A lot of people seem to think that bonds store energy. But this is the exact opposite of how bonds work! When bonds form they release energy, so the molecule they form has less energy than the separate atoms. With Snatoms you can hear the energy released as sound when a bond forms and you can feel the work you need to do to break a bond. I think this conceptual understanding is essential in chemistry and nuclear physics." says Derek.

Another great science project that has come to Kickstarter is Valence: Science Ninjas. The game is a fast-paced, fun card game that uses simple math, colors, and cartoon ninjas to teach kids (8+) chemistry!  Players use more than 25 different molecules to interact with each other and win the game!

The creators behind the game are artist Nathan Schreiber and chemical engineers Amanda Simson, PhD, and Naomi Klinghoffer, PhD.

As an engineer and #1 New York Times bestselling cartoonist, Nathan has made cartoons for the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, FEMA, and the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Amanda is an assistant professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of New Haven and Dr. Naomi Klinghoffer who has been a teaching fellow for the NY Academy of Science and the Columbia Center for Technology, Innovation, and Community Engagement.
You can certainly tell that the scientific accuracy will be strong with this one.
Check out the stetch goals in both projects! They are truly awesome!

Seeing projects like these get funded makes us really happy! Clashing fun and science makes sense!

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