Care About Your Customers! - Why You Should Support Your Board Game With an App

As you might already know we are standing behind the project ROAR. It is a first sound driven hybrid board game ever and it actually requires a mobile app to play. It has a lot of advantages. Let me name just possibility of reaching your players, learning their playing habits or cross-selling other games. But it has some drawbacks. Unlike regular board or card game in such a project you do have to maintain it.

We are supporting publishers of ROAR for more than a year now. You may imagine how many requests for support we got during the Holiday season when most of the thousands of boxes were opened and apps downloaded. We wanted our players to be handled quickly. Still we managed to reply in the single day and sometimes even minutes. Luckily most of the issued were straight one (e.g. wrong placement of the pawns or disabling app to access to the camera - we need to change the rulebook for this!). Some were interesting - e.g. how can I play the game if I have no camera in my tablet? (sic!) And some were though - e.g. app crash on very specific and rare configuration. In all the cases we tried to respond quickly and personalized. It was a hard month. But there is always a way to be at least slightly better!

Now, when it is way calmer period we have a time to fix what still needs to be fixed. I hope our customer value our work. I know there are some, that we could not support perfectly. (I am sorry but we cannot make the app to be run on some almost ancient or freak strange hardware). Basing on my calculations we support more than 95% of the market, but still some of the owners of ROAR got one of this 5% device. I wish I could sent to each of them a tablet that would work with the game, but can't afford this. Maybe we lost them. But maybe, because we cared, ... not?

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