Rombo Games Visit to Essen 2015

I know months has passed since we were in Essen presenting our games! It was during the time of our Kickstarter so we didn't have time to show our experiences with you back in the day and here we are! This are the best pictures we got! :D

By the way, visit to Essen was an amazing experience for us (regardless of the 10 hour long nigth trip xD). Deffinitivelly the best and biggest board game fair. You can buy, sell and play all kind of boardgames! Even the ones to be released ^^

Essen Spieltage is HUGE!
Hubert in the Boardgame Geek TV
Juan and Hubert with Tom Vasel!
Juan and Hubert with Zee Garcia!
With our younger fans ^^
With our older fans :D
Marcin, Juan and Hubert in the hotel xD

Where you also in Essen 2015? Are you planning to go next year! See you there! :D

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