Exceed expectations - Why You Should Exceed the Expectations of Your Clients

The difference between very good and great games are mostly tiny details. Wording in rulebook, glitches in mechanic, the way you feel when you buy it. In many cases we are aware of the issues but consider them as not worth fixing. There are things that are important and those which are not - some may say. But the real great creators don't make a compromise here. They are relentlessly try to please their chosen customers. I have learned that from Jamey Stegmaier, author of a great book "A Crowdfunder's Strategy Guide - Build a better business by building community". There real lesson was literally in the book. He wrote me a personalized message by hand on the title page, which I wasn't expecting. He simply cared.

Customer Support is in my opinion one of the hardest field to excel with. I consider it hard as one may burn all the energy quickly, trying to deal with daily issues. When I look back I can see a pattern that helped us survive. We were successful when we always tried to make it better. 

Publish or Perish, the game we put on kickstarter last year, had plenty of flaws. Despite the fact, we managed to collect wonderful backers. What made them support us? One of the things that helped spread the word was that we sent direct and personalized message to each new backer. We have checked other projects one backed in the past and prepare a welcome message basing on the findings. It was also a great learning for us. Few backers supported more then 100 projects but for most we were one out of few. It was a great honor to be chosen and they deserved the recognition. 

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