5 Ways of Playing Board Games on PC Like a Sir!

Meeting with all your friends to play those beloved board games of yours may be hard. Thankfully, with time the borders between board games and video games is getting smaller and smaller! Now you can play board games in your computer or mobile phone and some video games have board versions as well! :D

I would like to share with you 5 different ways of playing board games digitally... like a Sir! :D

1. BoardGameArena

Board game arena is so far my favourite place to play! Many different games, greatly integrated with downtime reduced to the minimum! Check it out! :)

2. Tabletopia
Still in Beta as I write this, Tabletopia has a bright future! It's strongest points are big variety, play the game your way and gorgeous graphics! You can even play our latest game Mishmash Galaxy on Tabletopia here! :D

3. Tabletop Simulator
Tabletop Simulator is the most sandboxy of all of them. Sometimes hilarious but always fun! Was very popular some time ago I believe not so many peopleuse it anymore.

4. BoardGames-Online
Not so pretty looking, BoardGames-Online allows for playing some quite popular games. It also has a nice plus... You can play against the computer! :)

5. Steam and other dedicated apps
You can find plenty of dedicated apps in Steam, App Store and Google Play. They are stuffed with great functionality tailored for each game, but usually they are not free. Still cheaper than buying the physical game though! :D

Do you know another place I forgot to mention? Please tell me in the comments! :)

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